A Live Call Specialty Answering Service for Your Industry’s Needs

24 hours. That’s how often your customers and employees need you. Sometimes it’s a simple question. Other times it is an immediate emergency. As a live call agent specialty answering service, The Perfect Answer is a unique company that provides outstanding support to industries that need help managing their calls.

The Perfect Answer offers 24 hour support, multiple US based call centers, and professional call answering coverage for any industry that needs the added help. With our secure web portal and data collection services, The Perfect Answer is the best call answering and virtual receptionist service available. Learn more by contacting our team at 844.241.1393, or by filling out our form for a free trial.

About The Perfect Answer

We are consistently the top rated answering service currently available. Our courteous, highly trained live call agents are also available to provide supplementary services, such as:

  • Dispatch Home Service Providers
  • Log Information in a Shared Database
  • Screen Callers and Notify of Emergencies

We can provide missed call and after hours answering services, or we can be your only 24 hour support team – acting as an incoming sales support line so that you have a receptionist available at all times to pick up the call, usually after only one right.

All calls are confidential, and our customers’ privacy is maintained in our HIPAA-certified database. You’re also able to receive call records via our web portal, email, phone, text, or even fax.

Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Dentists, and More

The Perfect Answer was founded in 1996 specifically as an after-hours answering service for medical offices. We are one of the few HIPAA compliant answering services, using HIPAA compliant software and live call agents that are trained specifically to handle medical related calls. For everything from small offices to large hospitals, we can help make sure your healthcare service is successfully taking calls while also maintaining 24 hour communication for emergencies.

Pest Control, Locksmiths, Plumbers, HVAC, and More

Some home services are 24 hour emergencies. Faced with a series pest control problem, or a broken pipe, or leaking HVAC unit, or a home lockout – these are situations when your customers needs someone right away, and they want to speak with a real person or they’ll keep calling other businesses to find someone that will pick up.

Our answering service ensures someone will always answer the phone. And because we will take detailed notes and have information on your business, we can contact the right person and dispatch them to the location with all the details they need. You can focus on the rest of your business, and we’ll handle the calls, all for a low monthly starting cost.

Municipal Government Answering Service

When someone needs help, they often try to call their local and state government offices. But with paper thin budgets and a substantial amount of work, most local governments cannot afford to have someone available to take every call.

Our government call support service ensures that your city, county, or state can manage every single call. Our trained agents can help field those calls, screen them, dispatch information to the appropriate people (police, firefighters, waste management line workers, electricity, gas, and more) so that disasters and emergencies are handled, questions are answered, and everyone receives the help they need.

Our live call agents are highly trained, professional, and keep strict confidentiality mechanisms in place to ensure that the caller information is organized and private.

Apartments, Commercial Properties, and More

Tenant needs can arise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of these may even be emergencies. But few property managers have someone available at the front day and night, and even when they do, calls can be missed when they’re on the other line or step away.

With a property manager answer service, every tenant call can be taken – even after hours – and if there needs to be something addressed right away, our live call agents can dispatch the proper contractor, authority, or staff member to address the issue as needed. We will also be able to screen calls and direct people to the proper next steps for non-emergencies.

Help for Your Business to Grow

Every small business needs as many customers as it can get, while keeping current customers happy and satisfied. Small businesses and startups also have limited staff and capital, and certainly cannot have someone available 24 hours a day to sit and wait for calls that may arise.

The Perfect Answer operates as a virtual receptionist and pseudo-sales staff, as it makes it possible to answer the phone at any time of day so that you can run your business, focus on your productivity, and not worry about obtaining incoming calls. Our small business answer service helps ease workloads, reduce missed calls, and offer better service to your customers.

Learn More About Our Call Answer Services

We work with any industry, providing the best possible service all day, every day. You can find some specific information about the industries we service on our Industries page, but there is no business that we cannot handle and no calls we won’t answer. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our live caller answering service, or to get started.


If disaster strikes, we've got it covered.

In the event of a disaster you can count on us to always be available for your company’s calls. The Perfect Answer has become the premier answering service for 1000+ companies throughout the United States. With this comes great pride but also tremendous responsibility. We have powerful backup plans tested and in place should a disaster strike. With three separately run Call Centers The Perfect Answer has positioned ourselves to be available to answer the phones 24/7/365 regardless of weather, power or uncontrollable conditions. Our call centers are independent of each other during normal operations, however when needed, each site has the capability of forwarding their calls to another center. Our backup plans are thought out and are tested on a monthly bases. Rest easy knowing that no matter what mother nature sends us, The Perfect Answer will be available to take your calls.