All of our clients get the same suite of services and features. This includes call answering coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from our three call centers in Georgia and remote network of agents across the USA.

We can ensure that your customers and employees will get the support they need from courteous, professionally trained staff that are ready to represent your business as if it were their own.   Our agents are also trained to dispatch home service providers, repairmen, and respond to other emergencies based upon the context of the caller’s situation.

The calls are confidential, and privacy is maintained in our HIPAA-certified database. You can also access those call records easily via the web portal, email, phone, text, or FAX.

Healthcare Answering Services

The Perfect Answer began our business in 1996 with the goal of answering patient calls to doctor’s offices after the end of the business day.  Healthcare call response is the heart of our operation, and we want to make sure your patients get the information they need when they need it.

Home Services Answering and Dispatch

When homeowners experience outages of major systems and appliances, they want to talk to someone immediately, not leave voicemails.  Whether they are calling about burst pipes or a broken down HVAC unit, reaching a Perfect Answer agent will reduce their stress.  When that agent also has your instructions and protocols to dispatch the call to the right employee in real-time? It’s a win-win for your home services business, and your customers.

Government and Municipal Agency Support

When disaster strikes your part of the world, you need all the support you can get.  The calls you get from constituents can help you manage resources. Trained agents can also help with dispatching the right crews to the right parts of town.  Municipal support is a great way to ensure that your town can recover in no time.

After-Hours Support for Property Managers

Property management happens around the clock, but property managers don’t need to do so. An answering service can help take tenant calls, dispatch maintenance workers, and alert you when an emergency really is an emergency.  Take control of your day (and night) by letting the Perfect Answer manage your after-hours support.

Virtual Receptionists for Small Businesses

Hiring a virtual receptionist for your small business can make or break those crucial first impressions of potential customers.  You know that being able to take calls is a huge way to build trust and relationships with your customers. At the same time, you can’t run a business if you’re on the phone all day!  Small businesses use answering services to ease that workload, while still maintaining top-notch customer service.


24/7/365 Reliability with three locations

Account scripting to eliminate errors & flow

Backups in place and tested in all scenarios

Calls voice recorded for training and quality

Call logs and messages saved for 1 year

Customized on-call schedules & escalation

Daily email or fax log of all messages

Dispatch via email, fax, page, patch & text

Email notification from voicemail

Cost saving front end voice mail

HIPAA Compliant system platform

No contracts - month to month service

One ring pickup with front end voicemail

Secure messaging (text and email)

Supervisors and managers available 24/7

Text and text back confirmations

Unlimited routine messages in voicemail

Web portal to access messages and info

If disaster strikes, we've got it covered.

In the event of a disaster you can count on us to always be available for your company’s calls. The Perfect Answer has become the premier answering service for 1000+ companies throughout the United States. With this comes great pride but also tremendous responsibility. We have powerful backup plans tested and in place should a disaster strike. With three separately run Call Centers The Perfect Answer has positioned ourselves to be available to answer the phones 24/7/365 regardless of weather, power or uncontrollable conditions. Our call centers are independent of each other during normal operations, however when needed, each site has the capability of forwarding their calls to another center. Our backup plans are thought out and are tested on a monthly bases. Rest easy knowing that no matter what mother nature sends us, The Perfect Answer will be available to take your calls.

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