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Funeral homes provide an essential service, but their clients, both current and potential, are also families that are often distressed, distracted, and in need of someone to talk.

As someone that manages a funeral home, you already have multiple tasks that you need to complete. Yet, you also need to be there for those that are calling, because every caller is someone often experiencing intense emotion.

The Perfect Answer is a 24/7 live answer service and call center, here to make sure that anyone that calls can speak to a caring professional 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our role is to free up your time and reduce your workload, all while delivering needed service to your funeral home clients. Call us at (866) 900-4800 or fill out our online form for a free trial.

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About Our Dedicated Call Center for Funeral Homes

Funeral homes already take on many responsibilities...

When running a funeral home, there is a lot of in-person contact, discussions, planning – you usually are used to performing a lot of projects at once. All while talking to clients in person and helping them through this difficult time.

To keep business progressive and to keep up your reputation as the funeral home of choice for those that need support, you also have to make sure you are there for those that may call at any time.  They also need the same quality of care, have their questions answered, and help with the next steps.

That can be a challenge. You may not have someone available that can answer phone calls:

  • After Hours
  • When Talking to Clients/Visitors
  • When You Are On the Other Line
  • During a Funeral

Paying someone to be solely responsible for answering the phone day and night is also unfeasible, especially on the tight budgets that many funeral homes have.

That is where a live call answering service comes in. The Perfect Answer has a full team available day and night. Each is knowledgeable about how to answer any calls that come in for your organization. We answer the calls professionally, kindly, and after only one ring, using the details that we have been given from your company to offer personalized service as though we are an extension of your team.

Benefits of a Live Call Answering Service for Funeral Homes

Few establishments have someone available to answer phones all day, every day, without interruption. Funeral directors and their staff are often busy with other tasks that take them away from the call, and even if they are available to answer the phone, their time can expend to other organizational tasks.

That is why having The Perfect Answer be your answering service can have so many benefits to those that work in funeral services. These include:

  • Better Service – Your reputation is paramount. When a live agent can answer the call, you are giving better service that helps to solidify your reputation as the funeral home of choice.
  • Low Cost – You pay only when a call goes through, and only for the time that is in connection to the phone conversation. That reduces the hours that you need to have employees on the phone and improves their productivity for other tasks.
  • Call Screening – Not all calls are urgent. Some are simple questions that need a fast answer. We can screen calls for you so that you don’t have to worry about making your staff available for every call.
  • 24 Hour Availability – Someone may need to contact your funeral home at any time. Our call center service gives you an emergency line so that in the event of an urgent matter, we can take down the information and even contact you if needed.

The Perfect Answer also goes a step further. We have unique services that make us a better choice than other specialty call answering services. These include:

  • Online Portal – With our online portal, you can log in and view call logs, messages, notes, phone numbers, and more.
  • Recorded Calls – Every call we receive is on record. You can listen to the phone conversation to see the quality of our service and review the content of the telephone call.
  • USA Based – Because our call centers are based right here in the United States, the live agents on the other end of the call will feel to callers like a part of your business rather than an outsourced call center.

The Perfect Answer also has competitively low costs, and of course the best possible service for both you and your callers. That is what makes our answering service the right choice for so many funeral homes, and why we are ready to provide you with the same level of service for your business.


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Answers to your questions

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We start pricing at only $29.95 a month. You pay only for the calls you receive. We have different pricing options for those that expect to have a sizable call volume so that you can continue to save money using our 24-hour funeral home call center.

Our system works in conjunction with yours. During daytime hours, if you have someone that can answer phones, we can set it up so that it only forwards to us when there have been too many rings. You can also set your phone to "Call Forwarding" so it will call us (for example, if you are spending time with a client).


If you prefer to be in control of discussions with callers, but need someone to answer the phone and take a message, we can help there as well. We provide as little or as much information to each caller, and we are happy to take down their information so that you can call them back when you get to the office.

Yes, we do! We have worked with several funeral homes. Our team's equipped, prepared, and trained in how to talk to those that may call into them.

Typically, yes. If you have a project management system, a scheduling system, or some other type of cloud-based system for logging and managing callers, then we are usually able to use them within our own system as well. You must provide us with a login. However, there are exceptions to this, so we encourage you to call us first.

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We know you have questions. We want you to see why we are the best answering service for your funeral home, and why we have partnered with so many similar businesses for over the past 20 years. Give us a call at (866) 900-4800 at any time for a free trial and to learn more about our pricing structure.

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