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24 Hour Medical Phone Answering Service

Medical needs can arise even when the office is closed. Day or night, weekends, or on holidays, patients and other medical staff will have questions or concerns about their healthcare, treatment, or medicines.

The Perfect Answer is a HIPAA answering service that provides 24-hour live call answering for any medical provider. Your hospital, doctor’s office, or healthcare business can respond to these calls immediately – 24-hours a day, seven days a week. As a call answering service that began in healthcare, our live call agents are trained to handle these sensitive calls and direct them to the appropriate party.

We’re available for after-hours answering, missed-call answering, and as support when your team is away. With low starting rates and one-ring pickup, The Perfect Answer is a specialty answering service for doctors that is ready to answer promptly, professionally, and confidentially. 

Learn more about our answering service by contacting The Perfect Answer today at (866) 900-4800 or fill out our form below to start your free trial.

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Why Do You Need An Answering Service?

optimize patient satisfaction with outstanding service and care

Answering services are a useful tool for almost any industry. In the medical field, they can be especially important. Both small, one-person medical offices and large hospitals benefit from a 24-hour answering service, with advantages that include:

Small Medical Practices

Once a patient becomes a patient, they tend to be a patient for years – sometimes for life. That also means that with every missed call, you’re potentially losing out on a lifetime patient or failing to address the needs of a current patient, possibly pushing them to go elsewhere.

For private practices and smaller medical offices, the ability to have a live person available to answer the call 24/7 is immensely valuable. During the day, an answering service frees up time for your staff to work on billing and other requirements. At night, it avoids the potential costs and challenges associated with hiring someone to sit and answer calls, especially given the low call volume.

It also provides better customer service for your patients and can help notify you or someone on staff if there is an emergency or an urgent issue.

Hospitals and 24 Hour Health Centers 

Those that work in hospitals and 24-hour care centers also find that an answering service capable of answering missed calls and non-urgent calls can help save time and money. Answering the phone can, in many cases, be an issue of urgent importance. Our answering service can complement your team, making sure that you have the help you need when someone steps away.

We can also be used to screen calls and to answer calls in less urgent departments, with no need for complicated “press 1” automated systems that patients find stressful. Our services are low cost and can scale to your operations, making it possible to get professional answering services all without the expensive upfront cost.

The Perfect Answer is a team of US-based virtual receptionists and live call agents that are HIPAA trained and intimately familiar with the medical and healthcare field. Health needs, questions, concerns, and more can happen at any time, and it’s important for those in the medical field to make sure they are available when their patients need them, whether you offer support for emergencies or you’re simply trying to keep and grow your practice. We can help address many of the needs that those in the healthcare field have for both patient service and the medical needs of their patients. These include:

  • Screening for Emergencies – Doctor’s offices and most medical buildings operate on a traditional nine to five schedule. However, medical needs can arise at any time. We can screen calls to determine if they are actual emergencies, providing a live call agent that can take a message or schedule patients for non-emergencies, or direct people to the appropriate party and encourage patients to call 9-1-1. Our agents pick up after only the first ring and have call agents available 24 hours a day to receive any call.
  • After Hours Scheduling or Dispatching – We can work with scheduling or dispatch software and schedule the patient no matter what time they call.
  • Recording and Monitoring – We also have HIPAA certified call recording and messaging, so if you need to understand more about the caller, you will be able to find the information you need without breaking any HIPAA guidelines.

We also use call scripting, and our healthcare answering service agents can use those scripts to answer questions or collect information so that you can discuss matters with the caller later. Our clients turn to us because they know that our experience, along with our ability to work with you on an effective script for your calls, makes us the right choice to address the different types of calls you receive. As a result, we can work with essentially any and every type of medical specialty.

The Perfect Answer has many features for physicians, such as message logs that are easy to read and access, the ability to lead direct callers to the 24-hour emergency services they may need, and much more. There is a reason that so many doctors choose The Perfect Answer for their call answering service needs.

Why Choose The Perfect Answer As Your Medical Call Answering Service?

The Perfect Answer, as a HIPAA compliant healthcare answering service, is trained and experienced to handle emergencies or dispatch the appropriate people to address a medical need. After 30 years in the industry, we are familiar with every specialty, and we train our staff on how to address and handle the different questions and issues that may arise. We keep everything confidential and provide you with a personal login to get access to your call log and other information throughout the secure server. We work with every healthcare industry, including:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Family Doctors
  • Internists
  • Pediatricians
  • OBGYNs
  • Surgeons
  • Pathologists
  • Neurologists
  • Insurance Companies
  • Immunologists
  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists, and More

To offer the best service to your patients – and for your practice to thrive – your patients must never get an answering machine. Choosing a HIPAA compliant call center means that you can offer your patients:

  • Better Care – If there is an emergency, a live call agent is a better choice for directing them to call emergency services. Since we have experience in the healthcare field, we can do a better job screening for these emergency callers. Or, if it is a critical question but not an emergency, we can direct them to someone who is ready to answer. Assuring your patients are getting better care, and that you are always alerted and informed when patients have outstanding needs is the gold standard we strive for at The Perfect Answer.
  • Better Growth – When someone is calling about a medical need, they usually want to speak to someone. All medical needs, even routine physicals or mild discomforts, feel urgent. Speaking to a live call agent makes them feel comfortable with the next steps, and helps you grow a patient list.
  • Better Service to Current Patients – Most of the people that work in healthcare, including 24-hour hospitals, cannot keep enough people on staff at all times to manage all incoming calls. When your current patients need someone to talk to, an after-hours answering service or a missed call pickup can ensure that your patients are getting their needs met and they remain satisfied and pleased with your business.

All of our software and hardware are currently compliant with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and we continue to pay attention to new guidelines so that we can always provide the best service to our healthcare clients.

We know that as technology changes we have to stay one step ahead. That is why we are constantly upgrading our systems with the latest security measures to keep our clients’ information safe and to give you peace of mind.

Start Today with The Perfect Answer!

The Perfect Answer is a 24-hour call center that provides the best possible call answering and outsourcing services for physicians all around the country, and we’re confident that we can provide you and your callers a level of quality and care that you can rely on.

No matter your specialty, you will benefit from a 24-hour answering service. But there are many call answering services out there for doctors and physicians. So why should you choose The Perfect Answer?
Everything we do here at The Perfect Answer works around the needs of your business. We started as a HIPAA compliant call answering service for doctors and hospitals. While we’ve expanded to other industries over the past few decades, we have never lost our roots. We offer:

  • USA-based live call agents that pick up after only one or two rings.
  • Confidential call-answering with professional agents available 24 hours a day.
  • Overflow procedures across the US so that we always have someone available.
  • Login to secure server to monitor call details and the ability to access call recordings.
  • Low startup costs with no contract or setup fees.

We’ve been the number one choice for private practices, hospitals, and other medical offices for nearly 25 years. We continue to hire and train the best possible call center workers to deliver outstanding service and support for every caller you may receive.


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We have no signup or setup fees, nor do we have monthly contracts. You can get started for only $29.95 a month and cancel any time, and we have a free trial period for those that would like to try us out first.

Everything we do is scripted ahead of time, so we handle emergencies by the standards you set. We can direct people to call 911, or we can contact you via text, email, fax, or any other method you need to make sure you are aware of an emergency caller.

When someone calls for any medical reason, they are hoping to talk to a real person. Even if you have a full-time receptionist, no business can monitor and track phone calls every minute of every day. Since every missed call is a missed opportunity, a 24-hour call center that answers for you is the best way to keep your practice successful and operational.

We answer every call as your business, using a script that you create for us to make sure we are providing the best possible service. No one has to know that you have your call center, and we record each call so that you can hear the level of service we provide.

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Your Medical Answering Service

The Perfect Answer

The Perfect Answer began as a healthcare answering service in 1996. We started in Norcross, Georgia, as soon as we saw the need for patients to be able to reach their doctors promptly. Even when the office is closed, we continue to work with healthcare providers and those in related industries, giving you 24-hour, 365 days a year service in answering incoming calls.

Every business can benefit from a virtual receptionist. Learn why our US-based call centers are the right choice for your healthcare industry needs. Contact us at (866) 900-4800 today for a free trial or to learn more about our pricing.

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