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Apartment & Property Manager Telephone Answering Service

Managing tenants is not a 9 to 5 job. It’s something that requires ongoing, 24 hour support  for every single call that comes in. 

Even if your apartment has 24 hour from office staff – a rarity in today’s cost cutting world – those apartment managers have other tasks that need their attention, and cannot be by the phone all day to answer every call.

Apartment & Property Manager Telephone Answering Service
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We offer an apartment call answering service that features live call agents ready for any type of call that may come in.

Why You Need an Apartment/Property Manager Telephone Call Answering Service

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Whether it’s after hours, when you’re out showing apartments, or when you’re on the other line, someone needs to be there for every tenant phone call.

The Perfect Answer offers an apartment call answering service that features live call agents ready for any type of call that may come in. Let us help you answer calls day and night, taking messages or dispatching emergency support 24/7. 

For apartment complexes, “availability” is perhaps one of the more important factors in property management. Every single call is important:

  • Some phone calls are prospective tenants, and the sooner you answer the call the less likely you are to lose them to another complex.
  • Some phone calls are current tenants with questions, and the sooner you answer the call the more satisfied and helped they feel.
  • Some phone calls are current tenants with emergencies, and the sooner you answer the call the less serious the emergency will be both for the tenant and for the property itself.

Yes, there are also calls that are about unimportant issues. But even answering those calls is important for making sure you’re covering all possible calls.

The problem is that no apartments have staff that can answer calls full time. Most show apartments, or are on other lines, or only work during certain hours. Every time you miss a call, you may be causing more risk to your property/tenants and worse tenant satisfaction.

That is why it is always a good idea to partner with a 24 hour, US based call center.

The Perfect Answer works with apartments of all sizes across the country. We have a full staff at multiple locations in the United States, so that we always have someone that can pick up any call after only one ring, no matter the time of day.

We can screen calls, take messages, determine when something is an emergency and even dispatch the appropriate person when someone has an immediate need. We can also be around during the day, so that if someone calls while you’re out showing an apartment or taking a lunch break, they are still able to get a live person that will help them with their needs.

Why Choose The Perfect Answer for Your Apartment Call Answering Service

The Perfect Answer strives to be more than just an apartment call service. We want to make sure that you are receiving everything you need to better manage your property, with services and solutions that meet your needs and budget. Some of the benefits of working with The Perfect Answer include:

  • Professional Answering and Dispatching – Everyone that we have working for us is a true professional that considers their answering service duties as critical to your success as you do.
  • Recorded Calls – We record every single call that we receive, so that you can check the contents of the call whenever you need to and stay up to date with their information.
  • Online Storage and Call Tracking – Everything we record, including all of your data, is stored online in your own personal dashboard, accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • US-Based – When someone calls, they’ll be speaking to a US based representative. Most are based in Georgia, but we also have a network in other states as well so that our call centers are always operational.

We are also professional at dispatching, and our after hours service will be able to successfully screen calls that are emergencies vs those that do not require immediate support.

We make it possible for you to be available 24 hours, even when no one is at the office. Our starting rate is as low as $29.95 a month, and we have a free trial available so that you can see why we are the best choice for your live agent phone answering service needs.


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Prices start at only $29.95 a month. We have different options depending on the volume of calls that you expect per month so that there is always something that matches your budget.

Yes. Some apartments need to be able to dispatch animal control, plumbers, security services, electricians, and other home services right away for various emergencies. We handle dispatch service across a variety of industries and will screen calls to help make sure that you're only sending out 24/7 emergency help when it is most needed.

We can do anything you need us to do as long as we can do it from our call center. We may not be able to show apartments, but we can provide pricing, let people know what apartments are available, and schedule appointments for them to meet withy our staff.

Absolutely. HOAs, AirBnB properties, townhomes - we work with property managers across a wide spectrum of different rentals.

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