Travel Answering Service - for Hotels, Airlines, Tours, and Other Travel Services

The travel industry doesn’t operate on a 9 to 5 schedule. From hotels to airlines to travel agents, questions, issues, and emergencies can happen 24 hours a day. When needs arise, an answering service for the travel and hospitality industry can be the difference between a new customer and a lost customer, providing a live call agent to talk to when your caller needs them.

The Perfect Answer is the leading call answer service for the hospitality and travel industry. Learn more about our costs and capabilities by calling us at 844.243.6035 at any time.

Why The Perfect Answer?

It’s time consuming and expensive to have a receptionist available 24/7 to take any and all incoming calls. It’s also difficult to have enough receptionists that no calls are missed, especially after hours or when someone is already on the phone. Yet every missed call is a missed opportunity.

The Perfect Answer provides comprehensive call center services that answer as your company. We’ll pick up the phone for you after only one ring, and our USA based live call agents will provide outstanding customer support on your behalf. We also offer:

  • Online call recording and access to your data.
  • Detailed account scripting.
  • Dispatch services as needed for emergencies.
  • Three locations in Georgia along with contingencies, so no call is ever missed.

Our pricing starts low, at only $29.95, and we have multiple failsafes and extensive training to make sure that we are always able to offer the best possible service. We encourage you to contact us today to see why we are the best choice to outsource your call answering services, or to start your free trial.

Travel Industries We Serve

The Perfect Answer has been operating for well over 20 years, and we have worked with every industry imaginable. Our team has been here a long time, each one with ongoing training that keeps them sharp, friendly, and ready for anything. Within the travel industry, we have worked with:

  • Hotels and Motels
  • Travel Agents
  • Local Tour Companies
  • Airports and Airlines
  • Travel Insurance Companies
  • Casino Support,
  • Online Booking Websites, and More

With an answering service customizable for business in the travel industry – from an AirBnB to a major airport – The Perfect Answer is always there to answer the phones and be available when you need us.

How an Answering Service for Hotels Saves Time and Money

Our call answer and virtual receptionist service is especially common for the hotel industry. Our live call agents are available to take some of the load off of your staff. Even if you have someone at the front desk 24 hours a day, it helps to have our low cost answering service available. With The Perfect Answer, you’ll be able to:

  • Book More Rooms – Bookings can happen at any time. When someone needs a room right away, they’ll book with the first hotel that answers the phone. We’ll make sure to be there if your front desk is away, or to book rooms so they can focus on their other tasks.
  • Screen Callers – Some callers have emergencies or cancellations. Others simply have questions or comments. We screen callers so that your team does not have to cycle through unnecessary calls while they have other work to do.
  • Reduce Interruptions – Your front desk does more than answer calls. Our answering service makes sure they are not interrupted unless absolutely necessary, so they can offer better service and stay more organized.
  • Provide Fast Help – Because our virtual receptionists can dispatch the right people to the right places, we can make sure that those that need help are getting it fast. We can respond to emergencies or send up hotel staff depending on the areas of need.
  • Give Better Service – We live in a world of online reviews and word of mouth. The better service you offer, the better reviews and feedback you will receive. We make it possible to give better service, as our live call agents will pick up after 1 ring every single time.

These are only some of the benefits our answering service has for the hotels and hospitality industry. Your callers need you at all hours of the day. With low costs and great service, The Perfect Answer is the best hotel call answering service available today.

Answering Services for Travel Groups

Visitors come from all over the world. They also plan their trip from all hours of the day. The next person looking to book your tour, or limo, or private jet, or any other travel service you provide may be calling from Australia, or while planning their trip at night with their spouse.

Every business in the travel industry needs to make sure they have someone available to that can always answer the call. It’s why The Perfect Answer remains the best choice for answering services in the travel industry, because we’re able to be there for any type of company and respond to needs when others are asleep or unavailable.

Your Travel Industry Virtual Receptionists - The Perfect Answer

The Perfect Answer is the call answering service trusted most by the travel industry. We have the low starting costs, live call agents all based in the USA, and 24 hour service that is ready to assist anyone that may call your hotline – after hours, during the day, or 24 hours a day.

Start a free trial with our service today, and see why we are the top choice for call center services.