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Every call is an opportunity. On the other end of the line is a new customer, an existing client, or an employee that has a question or concern. Missing even one call could mean missing out on a potential source of revenue or losing a customer to a competitor.

Yet most businesses do not have a dedicated call center that can answer 100 percent of calls, 24 hours a day, and that means some of these calls will miss out. With The Perfect Answer, you have your own US-based, dedicated 24/7 live answering service available to answer each call, no matter the time of day. Start today by calling us at (866) 900-4800.

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The Perfect Answer Has You Covered Day Or Night.

Every call has an impression on your business.

Our 24/7 Assistance Is Key For Any Size Business Seeking To Keep An Outstanding Brand Performance.

We Have a Plan That is Just Right For You





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How Our Professional 24 Hour Live Answering Service Works

You Can't Afford to Miss An Opportunity On the Other Line.

Without an answering service, you will miss calls. Many reasons could be:

  • Some calls come after business hours.
  • Some calls come when the front office staff is away from their desk.
  • Some calls come when the front office is on the other line.

Small businesses may not even have someone available to answer calls at all, expecting the phone to be picked up by employees or the owner, potentially taking them away from other more imperative tasks. Even if you do have staff available solely to answer calls, the cost to keep them occupied in phone calls all day is often unfeasible.

The Perfect Answer offers a solution. We maintain the staff needed to answer each call that comes in, whether it’s at 1:34 pm or 3:01 am. Every single phone call gets a response after only one or two rings, which means that zero calls will get missed. Since this is a 24-hour answering service, you can make sure you are available no matter what time of day someone decides to call.

We answer the phone as your business so that no one knows that you are using a virtual call answering service. We use a script that is outlined beforehand and approved by you to make sure we strongly represent your company. Once we have the caller’s information, we can then dispatch them to the appropriate person or log the caller’s details for you to acknowledge when you are available. 

Benefits of A 24/7 Answering Service

Every business, whether you are one person and self-employed or a Fortune 500 company, can benefit from having a 24-hour telephone answering service. That is because these services have many advantages that make it a resource for your business. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Lower Cost – Compared to a full-time employee, a 24/7 answering service is always a lower cost than hiring someone new and having to spend the time training them. Prices start as little as $29.95.
  • Zero Missed Calls – Even if you have someone full time to handle calls, a call-service will make sure there are no phone calls missed without requiring you to hire additional staff to work 24 hours around the clock. 
  • Focus On Other Tasks – When employees do not have to drop everything to try and answer the call, they can collaborate better, continue to be productive on their tasks, and do not have to rush their other roles to take on answering the phones.

For owner-operated businesses, 24/7 call centers can be a lifesaver, giving you a chance to worry only about the work that you need to achieve. You need to be able to focus on the big picture of your business, not on the calls that are coming in. 

For those that have emergency services or need to be available in the event of a customer comment or complaint, a 24-hour answering service is often even more useful.

Why Choose The Perfect Answer?

Keeping in mind some of the benefits of 24-hour answering services, what are the rewards of working with The Perfect Answer? The way we operate our business results in more advantages than you receive with the traditional 24-hour virtual answering service. These include:

  • Heightened Reputation – In addition to availability, The Perfect Answer is a US-based virtual answering service with live agents located right here in the United States. Desirable for your credibility, we bear a resemblance as an extension of your company.
  • Recorded Calls with Portal Access – We record all of our calls and provide access to monitor them. We also authorize you to your portal to change your call answering information.
  • Emergency Dispatch – We are especially useful for those that offer 24/7 emergency dispatch services. These include plumbers, pest control, hospitals, medical centers, apartment complexes, locksmiths – any service that needs to be available for urgent contingencies. We can send texts, emails, and more to get someone there immediately while screening out calls that may not be emergency-related.

Since our call center services start at only $29.95 a month with no additional costs unless you get calls, our services are worthwhile for any size business.



Fast SMS Messaging

We get your messages to you fast via email or SMS text messaging.

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Flat-Rate Pricing

Simple, Flat-rate pricing. No contracts, setup fees, or deposits.

1-Ring Call Pickup

Our US based receptionists answer your phone on the first ring.

Answers to your questions

what our Customers Ask

Many businesses wonder what the purpose of a call center is if they do not get many calls. Because our rates start at $29.95 a month with no charges if there are no phone calls, consider it as a backup in case no one can answer the phone. Every single telephone call you miss is a potentially lost customer. We make sure that the number of missed calls is zero.

Yes! Although our rates start at $29.95, we have several options that allow you to pre-pay for minutes at a discounted rate, saving you even more money.

We have numerous fail-safes in place 24 hours a day so that no call is missed, including coast to coast call answering across the United States and backups in the unlikely event of power loss or busy call lines. No phone call will ever be missed, with all of them picked up on the first or second ring.

Yes. The Perfect Answer is HIPAA compliant and can safely handle any medical-related calls. For non-medical services, we still have strict confidentiality and security for every phone call we receive.

You get to customize the script. You get to choose when to use us (for example, all day or only when your staff misses calls or is unavailable). In your portal, you can also quickly change information on who to contact, when, and more. We are an extension of your business and are available to adapt based on your needs.

You can log into our portal to find out who called and see their information. You can also receive an email or fax every morning. We have plenty of options to make it easier for you to track your calls, including recorded calls that are accessible if you need them.

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We know you have an extensive selection in call center outsourcing services. We believe that our coast to coast phone answering services, our friendly and kind staff, and our commitment to making sure your callers get what they need presents us as the best choice for your industry.

Discover more about our call services today, or get started with your free trial by calling us at (866) 900-4800.

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