Locksmith Answering Service - Your 24 Hour Call Center for Locksmiths

Let The Perfect Answer Provide Off Hours Answering Services for Your Locksmith Company

Customers prefer talking to live people. While there are some industries that successfully operate on a traditional 9 to 5 schedule, others – like locksmiths – benefit from 24 hour availability. People call locksmiths when they need help, and those needs may come up at any time of day.

The Perfect Answer is a call answering service based in Atlanta, Georgia. All of our phone operators are right here in the USA. We have low costs, outstanding service, and the ability to integrate with your current systems to streamline calls and make sure that you’re only getting those you need. Start a free trial today by calling 844.240.7318 or clicking on the “Free Trial” button at the top of the page.

Benefits of a Dedicated Locksmith Call Center Service

When it comes to a person’s safety, every issue with locks feels like an emergency. Trouble with locks can prompt calls at all hours of the night. Some are actual emergencies. Others are not. As a locksmith, it’s important to be there for your customers. But it’s also important to manage your calls more efficiently.

The Perfect Answer is the top choice among locksmiths for 24 hour call answering and off hours call support. We provide professional call answering that is streamlined and supportive, and take one of the most important parts of being a locksmith – answering calls – and places it in the hands of a full time call center company.

We are affordable for even single person locksmiths, yet have a staff capable of answering calls for large, national companies. When you choose our call center service, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce Unnecessary Calls – Do you offer 24 hour emergency locksmith services? Make sure that you’re only waking up and dispatching for true emergencies, and let us help you streamline customers that can be scheduled for another day.
  • Provide Better Service – The people calling are often in distress. They want to speak to a real person. The Perfect Answer makes sure they genuinely feel like they have reached your company, and that they know that you’re responsible to their needs.
  • Convert Better – Once a customer has chosen your services, they have the potential to be your customer for life. But before that happens, they need to know you’re available. Many customers will choose the first person that answers the phone. With The Perfect Answer, that will be you.

Every locksmith has to be available at any time of day, whether 11:00am or 3:43am. With our call center for locks and security services, your company can always be available even when you’re not.

Why Locksmiths Choose The Perfect Call to for Their Call Answering Service

There are many answering services out there. But The Perfect Call offers something more. When you choose to use us for your call center needs, you’re getting a 24 hour virtual receptionist that is ready for any type of call. We’ve been offering call center services for over 20 years, with benefits that include:

  • Fully scripted call answering to provide better customer service.
  • Affordable entry costs – $29.95 a month to start, affordable for even new businesses.
  • Complete data and information access, including recorded calls.
  • Pickup after only one ring, so that all of your locksmith customers get immediate support.

Because we’re also based in the USA, you’ll be able to build trust with the customer and have them know that you’re offering them a real service. And because we can integrate with your scheduling system, or notify you if there is an emergency service request, you’ll be ready to provide support for everyone that calls – all in an organized and professional way.

We at The Perfect Call already pick up the phone for after hours calling for many locksmith companies throughout the United States, and we are ready to support your company as well.

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Call line services are the best way to streamline your business and provide better service, all for a far more affordable cost. With The Perfect Call, we can begin answering the phone all day or only after hours, depending on what you prefer. We’re a great choice for any locksmith company, including those that offer:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Lockout Services
  • Security Solutions
  • Lock and Garage Door Installation, and More

You need a call service, The Perfect Call is ready to help. Contact us at any time, or click on the button above to start the process for your free trial period.