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Answering Service Cost

Every business should have a live agent answering service. You never know when a potential or current customer might call. It’s critical to make sure you’re available to pick up, with a live person that can answer questions, take a message, or direct the call to the appropriate person.

Answering services are also affordable – far more affordable than hiring enough staff members to answer phone calls 24 hours a day, but how much does an answering service cost? And are there any hidden fees or prices that you should be aware of?

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The Perfect Answer is affordable while enhancing quality service for every caller.

Save on personnel costs and guarantee phone calls will get an answer.

Our affordable 24/7 telephone answering service Is Key For Any Size Business Seeking To Keep An Outstanding Brand Performance.

We Have a Plan That is Just Right For You





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Business Answering Service Costs and Fees

Every company is different, so this will vary.

There are many answering services available. The cost of an answering service is likely to be different depending on which agency you choose. In this respect, we will exclusively talk about our fees and prices here at The Perfect Answer. You can use this cost knowledge for an answering service pricing comparison, or you can call us at (866) 900-4800 to start your service.

Our answering service rates start at $29.95.

If you’re using our starter plan, and if you don’t receive any calls, then that will be your total cost every month. Our starter plan includes 100% of all of our services.

  • You get access to the same portal that you can use to track and monitor calls.
  • You can get recordings of each call.
  • You can have text and email summaries.
  • You can have our dispatch teams.
  • You can have as many scripts as you need.

So while it’s our “Starter Cost,” you don’t sacrifice anything. You get 100% of our services at no extra cost.

When we do receive a call, we use your script to answer each call quickly. You’re charged only for the legitimate calls that you receive at $.99 per minute. There are no other fees associated with this service. If you get very few phone calls, your additional cost will be nominal.

What if I Get a Lot of Calls?

We know you’re concerned about cost. We have packages available to save you money on these calls.

Reduce your spending by purchasing a telephone answering service plan. These package deals allow you to “buy” minutes at a reduced rate, saving you even more overall.

The cost of our services, even with the highest plan, is a fraction of what it would cost to maintain just one employee part-time to answer the phones. You save on your personnel expenses and make arrangements for zero calls to be missed, guaranteed!

How Much Do Answering Services Cost from Other Companies?

Every company is different. The question to “How much is an answering service?” may vary depending on the business you collaborate with.

Some companies have lower starting rates but apply a surcharge for you to receive all of their services. This forces you to compensate later to receive 100% of the services they provide. Others may have higher per-minute costs or require pre-purchasing minutes.

Many of our competitors do not even tell you their pricing upfront.

We are confident that we are one of the most competitively priced, US-based answering service companies. We are also happy to offer you a free trial so that you can see our services for yourself. We do not require a contract. So there is no obligation if you are not wowed by our service. Give us a call today at any time to find out more.


Fast SMS Messaging

We get your messages to you fast via email or SMS text messaging.

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Flat-Rate Pricing

Simple, Flat-rate pricing. No contracts, setup fees, or deposits.

1-Ring Call Pickup

Our US based receptionists answer your phone on the first ring.

Answers to your questions

what our Customers Ask

No. If we answer the phone and it is a spam call, we will hang up. It will not be charged to your account. If it is a sales call that is not spam, we will quickly take a message to reduce the time spent on the phone.

Yes. We give you a customer portal that allows you to see all the calls you receive, what time, and the details of each call. We can also email, text, or fax your phone call summaries.

All of our services are integrated for our clients with no additional charges or fees. You will always know the cost of our services upfront.

Yes, at any time! If you find you are getting more or fewer calls than you expected, you can simply change the call package with us. Please make sure you let us know in advance of the month's billing, however, as changes cannot be placed retroactively.

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