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24 Hour Pest Control Call Center and Call Answer Service

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The Perfect Answer is a 24 hour call center service available to pest control companies throughout the United States. Based right here in the USA, we offer some of the lowest rates, efficient customer support, and the ability to provide better quality call monitoring, answering, and voicemail – all specifically designed for your pest control company.

When you need a virtual receptionist or after hours support for your pest control company, look to The Perfect Answer. Call us at 866-900-4800 to learn more about our services or click here for a free trial offer.

Why Every Pest Control Company Needs a Call Answering Service

For pest control customers, pests are always an emergency. Homeowners and property managers may discover problematic pests on their property at any time – day or night – and when they do, they’re going to want help now, and put their faith in the first company that offers them a little bit of peace of mind.

It’s important for every pest control company to have someone available to answer the call any time someone requests help. In addition, it is important for the customer to feel like they’re getting a real person – a professional that works for the company and is representative of the service they will receive.

Pest control companies that outsource to a 24 hour call center find that they are able to:

  • Convert – You already invest in marketing or advertising. But what happens if they call and you’re not there? When there is a pest control call line that picks up for you, your ability to turn callers into customers improves, and so too does the ROI on you marketing efforts.
  • Organize Better – With a call line, you can better dispatch your technicians, because you’ll have all the information you need to respond to a request right there at your fingertips. You’ll be more efficient and timely, with easier to manage schedules.
  • Offer Better Service – Because pests always feel like an emergency, anyone that calls you wants to feel like they’re getting helped. We act as your own personal 24 hour emergency call line for pest control companies and exterminators, giving you a chance to provide better service to your customers and be informed if they need immediate help.

Pest control companies that are unable to answer the call are the ones that lose business and are unable to convert new customers. But if you’re able to answer every call, every time, along with detailed analytics and professional support, your business is going to be able to grow and your customer loyalty will continue to improve.

Why Choose The Perfect Answer to Outsource Your Pest Control Call Center Services

Every business needs a 24 hour virtual receptionist. The Perfect Answer is ready to help. Since 1996, we have been able to offer after hours call lines for dozens of unique industries, and pest control has always been one of the professions that has benefitted the most from our services.

That is because we are different from other call centers. We have benefits that make us the right choice no matter where you’re located. These include:

  • Account scripting that reduces errors and provides more professional service.
  • Low cost call answering services, with entry starting as little as $29.95 a month.
  • Access to online data, including call logs and recorded call lines.
  • USA based – with three locations in the United States to ensure each call is answered.
  • One ring pickup, so customers do not have to wait.
  • And much, much more.

We can provide call scheduling, or have a plan in place to notify you of actual emergencies so that you can send a technician out right away. We have call escalation built into our service, and no surprise costs in the future.

The Perfect Call has already served dozens of pest control companies across the United States, and we are staffed and ready to add you to our list of call center clients.

Next Steps - Contact The Perfect Answer, Today

Every business needs a call center to backup their in-house answering staff. This is especially true of pest control, when most calls come in outside of traditional 9 to 5 working hours. Our answering service is ready to make sure that you have a real person that is ready to pick up the line the moment someone tries to make a call. We are priced to work with:

  • Small local pest control companies and startups
  • Animal control companies.
  • National pest management groups, and more.

Our team is always professional, and our support continues to utilize the latest technology so that you’re continually informed.

Give The Perfect Answer a try today by calling 866-900-4800. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with what we’ve been able to do, and we are more than happy to provide a free trial so that you can integrate us with your current in-house team. Contact us 24 hours a day to learn more.