5 Qualities of the Best Answering Services

December 8, 2020

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When businesses look at outsourcing their call handling, or any service for that matter, it’s only normal to want the best. But what constitutes the best exactly? Well, it depends on the service you need, when you need it and how will it impact your business.

When it comes to looking for an answering service, don’t just look for an answering machine type of service, the first line of interaction you have with your customers will define your reputation and the quality of service you give out. Make sure your answering service partner has these five qualities you should look for in an answering service.

#1 Availability – If you are a service that offers 24/7 emergency dispatch services, these include plumbers, pest control, hospitals, medical centers, apartment complexes, locksmiths – any service that needs to be available for urgent contingencies. You need an answering service that can send out notices to the team in whatever form to relay the message while filtering out those that may not be emergency-related.

The Perfect Answer offers a 24/7, 365 days service, whether it’s at 1:34 pm or 3:01 am. Every single phone call gets a response after only one or two rings, which means that zero calls are missed.

#2 Flexible Pricing – The best isn’t always expensive, but it should be able to offer you flexible package plans according to the exact needs your business has. Ideally, answering services that offer by the minute or by the call options are the most cost-effective for small to medium-sized businesses. Every business model is different and the best answering service will respect and understand that.

Even if you have someone full-time to handle calls, an answering service will make sure there are no phone calls missed without requiring you to hire additional staff to work 24 hours around the clock that adds to your expenses. Here at The Perfect Answer, we offer reasonably priced packages that depend on your minute consumption.

#3 Professional Operators – Although a great answering service is not just based on its phone system and service, it should still be a top priority to look for a good and professional phone operator. Well versed and properly trained operators are crucial in partnering with an answering service.

We partner with you to grow with confidence, The Perfect Answer is a US-based virtual answering service with live agents located right here in the United States. Desirable for your credibility, we bear a resemblance as an extension of your company. Our phone operators have been with us for years and they always go the extra mile for all of our partners.

#4 Dedicated Customer Support – Like all businesses, an awesome customer support team will always make or break a partnership. No matter how expensive a service may be, if they provide a dedicated and committed customer support team, you are more likely to stay with them than with anyone else.

The Perfect Answer has professionals working with you from your free trial up to customer support! We are not just a business phone service; our entire staff is available to you so that you can also call us any time when there is something you need from the team.

#5 Offers Free Trial – Confidence is hard to come across these days, and a business that is confident enough in their product or service will always offer you a free trial. The best answering service will be committed to working with you during this time frame so they can better assist and tailor-fit your package for your business requirement.

The Perfect Answer offers you a 7-day free trial, an obligation free and completely customizable package that fits your business needs. Simply fill out a form and our professional and reliable U.S based receptionists will get started answering your calls.

Professional Service And Satisfied Customers

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We know you have an extensive selection in call center outsourcing services. We believe that our coast to coast phone answering services, our friendly and kind staff, and our commitment to making sure your callers get what they need presents us as the best choice for your industry.

Discover more about our call services today, or get started with your free trial by calling us at (866) 900-4800.

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