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Property Management Call Answering Service - 24 Hour Support for Tenants

We Answer Calls, Take Messages, and Dispatch Support for Apartments, Rentals, and More

Your tenants need to be able to reach you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Problems and questions occur day and night, making it critical to have a live answering service on the other end that is ready to take the call:

  • After Hours
  • On the Other Line
  • When You’ve Stepped Way

Here at The Perfect Answer, our answering service for property managers is used by landlords and investment companies across the United States. Based right here in the US, our live call answering virtual receptionist team can direct calls and aid residents day and night. Learn more or get started by calling us at 844.243.0879, or filling out our form for a Free Trial.

Benefits of a Live Call Answer Service for Property Managers

In the world of property management, it is critical to have someone that can answer every call right away. Properties without an answering service are creating an unnecessary risk that could cause problems and challenges that affect both their tenant and their property.

When you outsource to a property management call center, you’re benefitting in a variety of ways, including:

  • Better Support for Tenants – At its core, an answering service allows you to provide better support for tenants in a way that increases their satisfaction and helps justify rental costs. Tenant satisfaction is valuable to any landlord or property manager, and ensuring they are always met with someone that can help with their problems.
  • Call Screening – Some late night calls are emergencies. Others are not. Our call answer service helps you differentiate between tenants that may need immediate help and those that simply have a question or need to leave a message. We can also provide dispatch service, able to send out the appropriate person that is needed, or leave a message when no dispatch is warranted.
  • Responding to Emergencies – If a tenant with an emergency calls you first, you want to make sure someone responds as fast as possible before the property experiences further damage. Property managers that respond fast avoid more costly repairs and larger problems down the road.
  • Obtain New Tenants – You can’t always be around the phone when potential tenants call. But you can make sure that you have a company that will answer, so that you do not lose out on a potential tenant just because you stepped away.

Live answering services also can get more information and provide more accurate messaging. They’re an important way for answering services to manage their business without a 24 hour receptionist, and without taking away from the duties of other team members.

Why The Perfect Answer is the Best Choice for After Hours Call Service

The Perfect Answer also provides additional benefits that make it the right choice for your property manager call center needs. These include:

  • Recorded After Hours Calls – Every call we receive is recorded digitally, so you can log in and listen to it any time you need to. This can help cut down on missed information and help provide better service to your tenants.
  • Online Message Logs – All the data we receive and the information we take is accessible via our online web portal. You’ll be able to review statistics related to calls, and make sure that you’re always getting the right information back.
  • Plan for All Dispatch – Need someone to call a plumber? HVAC? Electrical? Pest control? We can handle all dispatch for you, including connecting with third parties if needed, so that you can focus only on the task you have on hand.
  • USA Based Virtual Receptionists – Every one of our team members is based right here in the US. We’re also completely staffed, which means that no calls will ever be missed. We even have contingencies in the event of the unexpected, like power loss.

With our 24 hour emergency dispatch services, friendly and professional call center teams, and high tech answering service, we’re confident that your answering service needs will be handled exactly as you would.

Start Your Free Trial with The Perfect Answer

Every property management firm needs a 24 hour answering service. Even if you have staff available 24 hours a day at your apartment or commercial complex, an answering service for property managers will make sure that there are never any missed calls. And because our rates start as low as $29.95 a month, partnering with our answer service won’t hurt your budget.

The Perfect Answer is ready to help you manage your property better. Start your free trial today by filling out the form below or giving us a call at 844.243.0879.